These are just a few of the friendly faces that you'll see at All Saints.

Rev. Danny Morrison


Our pastor and a passionate leader imported from Latinoamerica! He loves sharing with people of different backgrounds and when he preaches he is emotive and full of conviction. He is a husband and father of three.

Jane Cornish


She is an insightful leader who does not hold back in speaking truths. She is full of wisdom and she is continually learning. She loves reading and has a lovely sense of humor.

Lucy Blake

Sunday school leader

Lucy is brilliant. She heads the Sunday school team and consistently delivers creative ways to teach children about Jesus and the Bible.

Michael Morrison

Sunday school

He is an energetic and multitalented individual. Currently he helps out the Sunday School team.

Andrew Morrison

Sunday school

Andrew is a smart and talented young man who currently serves alongside the Sunday School team.

Mike Leach


A joyful believer. He testifies of how God has changed and enables him to do things he didn’t think possible. He leads services with a beautiful conviction that God works wonders in others too!

Sue Bridges


Sue is a creative person with a super sweet personality. She uses dance and the arts to worship too.


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